Add Value and Style to Your Home with a Designer Built-in Fireplace

There is nothing better than relaxing in front of a crackling fire as it warms you and your home. However many fireplaces are poorly designed and inefficient and look out of place in a home. Thanks to Designer Fireplaces not only do you get a stunning home feature, but you also get one of the most advanced and eco-friendly heating solutions for your home!

Designer Fireplaces’ built-in fireplaces are specially designed in collaboration between our designers, engineers and you to ensure that you not only get the best and most economical fireplace, but that it matches your home’s design whether it is modern, classic, or anything inbetween. Our team of highly experienced designers and engineers have years of experience in designing stunning built-in fireplaces and heating systems that are sure to become focal points for your home.

While traditional fireplaces lose the majority of their heat through inefficient flue and chimney designs, Designer Fireplaces use unique thermal-modeling software to design custom heating systems that retain up to 88% of the heat generated from your fire in our patented ceramic bricks. By integrating a radiant heat structure into your existing walls and with our innovating designs, we are able to optimize the ratio of convection to radiant heat maximizing heat distribution and retention in your home.

Our patented ceramic bricks have been specially designed to absorb heat and then continuously radiate it for up to 24 hours after a fire has been lit. This heat absorption allows you to light a single fire and enjoy its heat for the rest of the day and because a Designer Fireplace burns at a higher temperature than traditional fireplaces there is far less ash. Only 1% of the wood’s original volume remains as fine ash – meaning that you only need to clean out your built-in fireplace at the end of the heating season.

Using a wood-burning fireplace to heat your home, restaurant or office allows you take advantage of sustainable and eco-friendly practices that will help reduce your dependence on electricity or gas for heating.

To find more about how a built-in Designer Fireplace can add value and visual appeal to your home, contact one of our consultants to arrange a one on one meeting.

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