South African heating solution for architects and designers


Fireplaces that are designed to balance form and function are a classic feature that double up as a meeting point for guests, friends or co-workers in the colder months.

Designer Fireplaces took their inspiration from Austrian masonry heaters to offer efficient wood burning fireplaces, enabling users to reduce their heating bills in winter. These fireplaces are an extremely efficient way to heat a space and also bring aesthetic value to a property and as such are well-suited to architects or interior designers, who are catering to eco-conscious home buyers or property developers, to incorporate into their designs.

Using an innovative design, up to 88% of the heat generated by the fire is used to heat a residential or commercial area – this is an increase of nearly 700% in comparison with a traditional fireplace design. The unique heating system fosters the wood to be burned at a very high temperature and so one fire will keep warming an average-size area for nearly 12 hours. This is how the heat retention system works:


Each fireplace is customised from a myriad of contemporary designs and so will particularly appeal to architects or interior designers looking for the latest and greatest in aesthetically-pleasing fireplace designs.

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