Heating up on the Design Front

This company is one of the leaders in, not only eco-friendly, efficient, heat-retaining fireplaces, but also leads the pack in terms of unique and beautiful fireplace designs. Enjoy the read!

As humans, we have several basic needs that we require to be met in order to survive. One of the most basic of these needs is warmth, hence man’s s discovery of fire. We have our cavemen ancestors to thank for the most basic of heating arrangements, but as man has evolved, so too have technology and our aesthetic sensibilities.

We have evolved to a point where form and function are now one and the same when it comes to design. We do not want things that do a job but look ugly in our living or working spaces. We, as humans, are affected by the way things look. The more in harmony we are with our living environments, the better we feel about being in those environments. This does not only apply to how things look, but also to how they work and what effect they have on our environment, hence the importance of eco-friendly fireplaces. There needs to be seamless integration between the two.

Designer Fireplaces are leading the pack both in terms of heating technology and fireplaces design. Run by husband, wife and son team of Harry, Evelin and Alex Wörz , the company has Austrian heritage and uses European technology, exacting standards of workmanship and design.

Each and every fireplace that Designer Fireplaces installs is individually considered to always ensure a stylish fireplace. That is to say that each and every one of our clients has specific wishes when it comes to the fireplace they want. Because no two people have the same style, and no two areas where the fireplaces are installed are the same, each and every Designer Fireplace is specifically designed for individual clients.

When designing fireplaces for our clients there are two main things that need to be considered:

  • Size and engineering – this is determined by the area that needs to be heated, and the layout of space.
  • Style – the only limitation here is the client’s imagination.

When it comes to the aesthetic design of the pieces, there is very little that can’t be achieved by our design team. Because each fireplace is a specifically designed for each space into which it goes, our talented and experienced design team can do almost anything.

Using only the best quality materials our design team works tirelessly to create modern masterpieces. You can be assured that your Designer Fireplace will be one of a kind – suited to your space and your design preferences. We assess each and every home, and consider what would be the best solution for the space. These ultra sleek contemporary pieces are designed as functional features, warming your home and at the same time adding aesthetic value to your interior.

Using glass, ceramics, steel and concrete, a space can be transformed by one of our Designer Fireplaces. Whether you are looking for something modern and contemporary, or for something a little more traditional, at Designer Fireplaces you will get exactly what you are looking for.

A selection of our favourite Designer Fireplace designs

This double sided fireplace was installed to heat both the living area and open plan kitchen. It has been designed as a column feature for the room. There is door on each side, so that the beauty of the roaring fire can be appreciated from either side of the structure.

This fireplace creates a perfect atmosphere for those warm winter nights, curled up in front of the television. Designer Fireplaces are ideally designed to be installed below the television – there is a synergy between the two that creates a balance in the layout of the room.

This modern marvel is one of our favourites. There is no limit to what we can do in terms of design and construction of our fireplaces. We use only the best materials and artisans when it comes to creating our fireplaces. The shine of the steel and the curved design juxtapose against the wood and linear design of the modern home.

This is a very classic design. It is timeless and elegant, while being cozy and homely at the same time. Our Designer Fireplaces are so versatile that they can be used in any setting.

Here we have a traditional Victorian mantel piece that has been inset with a Designer Fireplace. The use of an old mantel piece with this new cutting edge technology highlights the joy of having a Designer Fireplace in your home. There are no more messy fireplaces to clean up – the higher temperatures and efficient use of wood means that there is very little mess left after the fire burns out. The Designer Fireplace will also heat the area for some time after the flames have died.

Simple and understated, this an example of a Designer Fireplace in it’s purest form. It is the feature in this space by making and understated statement – Designer Fireplaces are the show stopper in any space.

Contact us today for fireplaces in Cape Town and surrounds or fireplaces in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We are ready to help you make that dream fireplace become reality!

As originally posted on: www.designerfireplaces.co.za


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