How to Decorate Your Fireplace In Summer

Decorating your fireplace in the summer is definitely an easy way to make a big focal point in your space super pretty. And there are a ton of great ideas that can make this home feature totally valuable throughout the warmer months. For instance, placing candles in the nook can add a little fiery romantic ambiance without giving off heat. You can also give the area a completely new function by using it to store books and vases. But that’s not all. We’ve found 10 awesome ways to transform your fireplace or fireplaces if you are lucky enough to have more than one, from an empty area to a gorgeous display space. So scroll through, and let us know which idea you love the most.

Get exotic with a few wild plants.

Didn’t get around to cleaning your fireplace? Just cover it up with a pretty divider.

Ditch regular logs and get funky with some bright pink ones.
Or, you can use all the leftover ones and stack them.
It’s a good place to keep all those vases you have hanging around the house.
Add some shelves and you’ve got the perfect little library.
There’s a good spot for your endless supply of mason jars.
Talk about creating romantic ambiance.
Large statues that don’t really fit anywhere work great in this space.
This is one way to make the entire room look bigger.

Of course, summer also poses the perfect opportunity to have that fireplace installed before the cold season starts again. We found this South African website with some great ideas for wood fireplaces,south africa – eco-friendly, heat-retaining and magnificent looking! This South African company, with their head office in Austria provides fireplaces in Cape Town as well as fireplaces in Johannesburg.

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