The Internal Workings of an Austrian Ceramic Fireplace

We share this easy to understand explanation of how a heat-retaining ceramic fireplace works:


Ceramic Fireplaces

  1. 1.000° Celsius burning temperature; leads to complete combustion, low emission and very little ash (empty once per year).
  2. Hot flue gases travel through the hand built ceramic passages.
  3. Only 10-15% of the energy is lost into the chimney.
  4. The knobs on the patented ceramic refractory brick increase the surface area by 25% leading to a better heat retention in these types of fireplaces.
  5. The patented ceramic refractory brick is made of 7 different clay types and is burned at 1.450° Celsius. Quality that lasts a lifetime!
  6. The refractory bricks are joined by a tongue and groove system and special heat resistant cement.
  7. Even before the fireplace is built a virtual combustion is simulated on the computer. Through this the perfect efficiencies and emission levels are achieved.
  8. Healthy and comfortable radiant heat is provided from the surface are of the fireplace.
  9. With a single heating a will provide warmth all day long.
  10. The large fire-door provides a stunning view on the flames. Its intelligent design ensures a clear & soot-free view.

Our thanks to Designer Fireplaces, a leader in the fireplace market, providing fireplaces in Cape Town for providing the above information. Visit their website on

Originally posted on Fire and Design


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